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A few weeks ago, I got the chance to go to the Association of  Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) annual conference in Seattle. It was a great experience. Not only did I get the chance to promote Poictesme at a table, I got to visit interesting panels, collect great literature, and see many interesting people. While I perused the hundreds of tables, I grabbed many flyers calling for submissions to literary publications and journals from all over America. I went through the flyers and compiled a list of the various organizations that I could feasibly submit to, but I felt that this is such a valuable list that I feel it’s important to share with as many people as I can.

Below, you will see a list of the many organizations that are open for submissions. Here is what is included:

Here’s the list, ordered from closest deadline to latest:

SET DEADLINES (firm deadlines, non negotiable)

SUBMISSION PERIODS (these places have set times throughout the year that they will accept and review work. Miss these deadlines and they won’t look at it.)

ROLLING SUBMISSIONS (these places accept year round.)

POST DEADLINE (the deadline to submit is past, but these are places to be aware of)

Definitely check these out and click the links for more information. Some of these places will pay you if they publish your work, so you should read their websites to see if they do that.

This post was originally published with Poictesme Literary Journal