Flash Fiction: Pricks

qb pricks

I’ve never been good with needles. I never feel good while getting shots, mostly because I hate looking at my own blood. I’m generally nervous and on the verge of breaking down when I get a vaccine or blood drawn. Although I’ve since grown out of it, I used to cry all the time when I got them. I replaced that with teeth clenching and internalized profanity.

When I was in my early teens, I had to get an injection for something I can’t remember. I was nevous about getting a shot, and even told the nurse that. She understood, and went ahead to give me the shot. I turned away and gritted my teeth as she stuck the needle in me, wincing as the tip pierced my flesh. I could feel myself shaking as she removed the needle from my skin. The nurse decided to comment in the most sensitive way imaginable.

“Wow! You’re a bleeder!”

I broke down crying.


This flash fiction piece originally appeared in Quail Bell Magazine.

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