Poem: All My Love to the Monster Devouring Me

qb monster devouring

When you first appeared in my room,
I was captivated by you.
You should have scared me,
I know most people would be.

I wasn’t.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a visitor.
I thought I could live without people.
I grew tired of that years ago,
and became so lonely.

Then you arrived.

I could smell your stench immediately.
It was repulsive, but enticing.
Sewage, copper, fresh blood;
this was your perfume.

I can recall it now.

I saw your figure looming
deep in the shadows of my room.
Your large, sharp teeth were
the only light in the room.

They’re so pretty.

I stared at you as you let out a growl.
It kept me frozen,
not out of fear,
but because I wanted to hear your song.

So melodious.

You grabbed me with your tentacle,
your slime staining my pajamas
and giving me a chill.
I didn’t mind though.

No one ever held me like that.

You pulled me close,
your embrace tightening.
I could feel my body seizing up,
but relaxed as it did.

I didn’t mind how it felt.

I saw your mouth widen,
a black chasm with no end.
I could have stared at it forever.
But you had other plans in mind.

So I waited.

I hope you remember our time together.
I never will, even as you gnaw on my head.
Please remember the taste of my blood,
the texture of my bones.

Remember me.

Even if you choke on my bones,
remember the little man you ate.
That man, who was so happy
you came to visit.

Even if it was brief.

I was just glad you wanted me.
It’s flattering, and I hope
I can be useful to you,
however small.

Just know I’m happy we met.

This poem was originally featured in Quail Bell Magazine.

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