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Film: Favorite Women in Cinema | My Seven Most Important Female Characters

  Around the time I began to seriously study film, I was starting to identify as a feminist. Movies allow the underrepresented—such as women—to speak and have their stories told. Many foreign films use the medium to show the troubles … Continue reading

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Poem: When I First Saw Her

When I first saw her, it wasn’t anything like in the movies. Time didn’t slow down to a crawl, the music didn’t go silent, and there wasn’t a change in lighting. My heart didn’t freeze, nor did it pick up … Continue reading

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Manga: Koe no Katachi | Listen Closely

When you think of manga, you don’t normally think of it as containing social commentary or as being socially conscious. Part of this is because the Western audience isn’t aware of how Japanese society differs from Western society. While you … Continue reading

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